Parkway Financial Planning Ltd is a bespoke firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Horsforth, Leeds and Barnard Castle.

The company was formed in 2011 to provide an unbiased and independent, service driven financial consultancy for individuals, companies and trustees. In March 2014 we expanded by purchasing the long-established Gill and Partners Ltd allowing us to stretch our presence into County Durham and Teesside as well as Yorkshire. Our approach is underpinned by a transparent, fee driven menu of charges and backed by investment in the latest independent research software.

The company was founded by Mike Ross, Lee Hanson and Greg Farrar. There are no external shareholders or investors, thereby ensuring decisions are made free of any outside influence.

We provide an impartial service which focuses on achieving your aims and objectives, rather than selling products. We believe that by simplifying complex issues, you will often be in a position to make informed decisions yourself about your financial planning.

Our advisers all have long careers in the financial services industry with the highest professional qualifications and are able to advise in a range of areas, including pension funding and retirement options, investment planning, protection needs, Inheritance Tax and estate planning, general taxation planning/administration and family trusts.

We also believe, however, that it is important to recognise areas where we don’t have in-depth expertise and will refer you to an external specialist should that be the case.

Also central to our ethos is access to your adviser and we are committed to being available for a conversation at any time between review meetings, whether this is via the telephone or email.



Ultimately it is for you to decide if you would like us to broaden the scope of our advice, but it is this holistic approach that our clients particularly value and helps to build long term relationships and goes beyond recommending a financial product.

Typically new clients will approach us for advice on specific advice area, such as making provision for retirement or investing a lump sum. Whilst we are pleased to be engaged on this basis, it would be unusual in our experience for this not to require a discussion about your wider long term planning.

This could be, for example, simply establishing what the underlying purpose of an investment actually is - initially the motivation for investing is often stated as “doing better than a bank account”, but the real issue is determining how the proceeds of an investment might ultimately be used, and when.

In other cases it becomes apparent that the particular area on which advice has been sought may be only one of a number of planning issues which require attention – such as an inheritance tax liability or inadequate provision for dependents on the death or illness of the primary earner.

For these reasons we always undertake a comprehensive review of your financial affairs when offering advice and, whilst we will never lose sight of the primary reason why you engaged our services, we will highlight what we consider to be your planning priorities and how these areas might be inter-related.

Ultimately it is for you to decide if you would like us to broaden the scope of our advice, but it is this approach (often but referred to as ‘holistic’ but is actually just good practise) that our clients particularly value and helps to build long term relationships, which go beyond recommending a financial product.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning.